My Idea Of a Balanced Healthy Diet

The link between food and health became clear to me during the years I spent in Northern Europe, while working as an office manager in Germany. I was under stress most of the time, did not really enjoy what I was doing and was not on a healthy diet either. This condition of stress, unhappiness and unbalanced diet increased until I was diagnosed with a hypofunctioning thyroid, accompanied by eczema.

The doctors recommended me that I should take hormones for my thyroid for the rest of my life and use cortisone-based-ointments for my skin problems! However, something inside me was saying that the solution would be elsewhere; therefore I started reading about nutrition and health, took a diploma and a Masters in Naturopathic Medicine, specializing later in Ayurvedic Psychology, eventually deciding to change my profession. While studying, I practiced what I learned on myself first. Now, after having completely recovered from my diseases, I appreciate more and more what tremendous effect food and lifestyle have on our body, mind and spirit.
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The knowledge I have acquired about balanced healthy diet is not only from books and courses. It’s also from my clients and the family members who searched for my holistic recommendations and suggestions about diet, dietary supplements and herbal remedies. They did so to maintain their health, or when dealing with serious health problems like asthma, emphysema, cancer, depression, hypertension. Indeed, the most rewarding aspect for me has been to watch their improvement, while they were taking less and less drugs in agreement with their doctors!

I believe that the ideal way to go about balanced healthy diet approaches is by taking the combination of the two approaches: official medicine to tackle emergencies and make diagnoses; the holistic approach to prevent illnesses and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Illness is not always something that falls upon us as a consequence of a cruel destiny; it is very often the consequence of our wrong food habits, thoughts, deeds and lifestyle.

Nutritional healing is something that I strongly recommend: through food we can activate a pathological state and through food we can regain and improve our health. Just give it a try: if I have managed, you can manage too!

Are you wondering why I’ve decided to use the net for this nature-bound subject? Simply because I want to reach a wider community, and the wider community using the internet today speaks English. I take my mission very seriously and wish to share all I know about living a great life.

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