Bodybuilding Workouts Don’t Have To Be Complicated

It’s All About You

If you want to get some good info on bodybuilding workouts, then you will inevitably find every exercise known to man in your research. What you quickly find by spending all of your hard-earned money and precious time on reading material is that almost no two bodybuilders have the same workout routine. I remember thinking that such and such professional bodybuilder must know the perfect workout since he was so huge.

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The best bodybuilding workouts are the ones that you create based on what is best for you. At first, you will need some routine because you are new to bodybuilding, but as soon as you can, you should find something that works well for you. I remember getting so discouraged when I would try some new fancy workout and then find out how much I disliked the method or the style or whatever.

The Dream of Perfection

I soon came to realize there is no such thing as “the bodybuilder’s workout.” As with many things in life, you too will come to understand that there is nothing magical about getting huge muscles. You can’t simply go out and buy a punching bag and expect fast results. It takes so much hard work and focus, two things that marketers never tell you about.

It is harder to sell a magazine if they tell you that it might take six years of very hard workouts to attain a bodybuilder’s physique. This is the big secret of bodybuilding success. I’m sorry to have to tell you, but if you expect to get huge ripped muscles, there is no secret, no magical formula, no powder, only excruciatingly difficult workouts over a period of many years.

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What you will soon find is that it is never about the how; it is always about the why. When we are looking for the exotic wisdom, the secret supplement, it is always because we are looking for an easy way out. If you are looking to shortcut the process, it is simply because you aren’t willing to do the work. Once you have tried every scam in the book and are discouraged, only then will you realize that the latest bodybuilding workouts are the least of your problems.

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