Variety is the Key To a Good Workout

We all start out on a workout program with great expectations. Weight loss, a lean and toned body shape and stronger muscles are goals that many of us strive for. We put in the hours, tirelessly working away at our routine, but how many of us find that when we hit the scales – or the mirror – we are no closer to our goals than when we started!

While any form of exercise is good for a fit and healthy lifestyle, variety in your routine is a must, regardless of your objectives. It is also important to understand that just concentrating on exercising a particular body-part or having a ‘set’ routine will not achieve results – and may even take you further away from your original goals.

A balanced exercise program, with routines tailored to meet your objectives and a focus on improving your overall body fitness – not just one muscle group – will get you to where you want to be. But, where do you begin?

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Understanding Fat & Muscle

A good starting point is understanding how fat and muscle work. Fat is burnt off uniformly. There are no short-cuts to losing fat in local ‘trouble spots’. An overall program with plenty of variety that encompasses cardiovascular, strength training and stretching is required, so your body becomes used to change.

Building lean muscle mass (check this: is the foundation for weight loss and toning your body. Lean muscles are efficient calorie burners – just one pound of lean muscle mass will burn off 50 calories per day while you are resting. Compare this to the same amount of fat, which only burns off five calories per day in your resting state, and you’ll quickly see that the more lean muscle mass you have, the faster you’ll achieve your goals.

Strength Training – Get a Bench

The number one way to build extra lean muscle mass is through strength training (lifting weights). However, there is one golden rule to follow –

If your objective is to lose weight and increase your endurance, then you MUST always train with light weights in a high repetition of 15-20 sets, and frequently (4-6 days per week). Always try to vary the routine – i.e. straight lifts, squats, lunges, etc. – concentration on an area over and over again will only bulk up muscle, making you appear bigger and heavier.

If you want to get bigger and build muscle bulk, then you should train with heavier weights, using fewer repetitions and leave plenty of time for muscles to recover before the next workout. Strength training will also heighten your metabolic rate, and keep it ‘above the average’ for up to 15 hours after exercise. You’ll want something like a preacher curl bench ( for example) to make the most of your workouts.

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Cardiovascular Exercise

Adding a cardio routine to your program will give you yet more variety. Cardio is great for your heart and will help you shed weight and tone your lower body. It is important to realize that a cardio routine won’t build lean muscle or prolong the effects of an increased metabolic rate. They are good in the short-term but should be built alongside a strength-training program. Again, a variety of cardio workouts is best if you want to avoid bulking up muscle in a particular area.

Don’t Forget Stretching

Often overlooked, stretching exercises in your routine will help tone muscles, adding flexibility and definition to your body shape. Stretching all the major muscle groups is advisable three to four times each week.

Bodybuilding Workouts Don’t Have To Be Complicated

It’s All About You

If you want to get some good info on bodybuilding workouts, then you will inevitably find every exercise known to man in your research. What you quickly find by spending all of your hard-earned money and precious time on reading material is that almost no two bodybuilders have the same workout routine. I remember thinking that such and such professional bodybuilder must know the perfect workout since he was so huge.

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The best bodybuilding workouts are the ones that you create based on what is best for you. At first, you will need some routine because you are new to bodybuilding, but as soon as you can, you should find something that works well for you. I remember getting so discouraged when I would try some new fancy workout and then find out how much I disliked the method or the style or whatever.

The Dream of Perfection

I soon came to realize there is no such thing as “the bodybuilder’s workout.” As with many things in life, you too will come to understand that there is nothing magical about getting huge muscles. You can’t simply go out and buy a punching bag and expect fast results. It takes so much hard work and focus, two things that marketers never tell you about.

It is harder to sell a magazine if they tell you that it might take six years of very hard workouts to attain a bodybuilder’s physique. This is the big secret of bodybuilding success. I’m sorry to have to tell you, but if you expect to get huge ripped muscles, there is no secret, no magical formula, no powder, only excruciatingly difficult workouts over a period of many years.

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What you will soon find is that it is never about the how; it is always about the why. When we are looking for the exotic wisdom, the secret supplement, it is always because we are looking for an easy way out. If you are looking to shortcut the process, it is simply because you aren’t willing to do the work. Once you have tried every scam in the book and are discouraged, only then will you realize that the latest bodybuilding workouts are the least of your problems.

Great Foods Low in Cholesterol

In the foods that you eat, there are two main nutrients that raise your LDL levels. The fist one is cholesterol, a waxy fat-like substance that comes from the animal products that you eat. Duck, Meat, Salami, bacon, cheese and other products also contain high amounts of cholesterol. The other nutrient that will raise your bad cholesterol levels is saturated fats, which raise the LDL levels in your body more than anything else in an average diet. Eating too much of these two nutrients is the main cause of high cholesterol.

You are in luck however because you have found this article, and the good news is there are many delicious foods low in cholesterol that can lower your cholesterol significantly. One such food is fish. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body. It is recommended that a person eats two servings of fish a week. You can also take fish oil tablets these also contain omega-3′s.

Even for people that have already had a heart attack, eating fish and fish oil tablets has considerably reduced their risk of sudden death. The high levels of omega-3′s in fish also help reduce blood pressure and the risk of developing blood clots.

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Another food that is a great source is nuts. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. A handful a day of hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, some pine nuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, and almonds may reduce your risk of heart disease, says the FDA. However, nuts are all very high in calories, so only a handful is recommended. An easy way to incorporate nuts into your daily diet is to replace the meat cashews or cheese in your salad with a handful of nuts.

Also please remember that these instructions about nuts only refer to unsalted nuts and ones that are not coated in sugar. Try replacing the foods that are high in saturated fats with nuts.

Your Nutrition Is Vital

It has been said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, when dealing with high cholesterol the same can be said of foods that contain fiber such as bananas, cooked oatmeal, and oat bran. Eating soluble fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol into your bloodstream which reduces you low-density lipo-proteins, the bad cholesterol. Into order to lower your LDL you only need to eat about five to ten grams of soluble fiber daily. Apples, bananas, barley, prunes and kidney beans all contain soluble fiber.

Fiber is also a great weight loss ingredient. Foods that contain fiber are very filling which helps to limit the amount of unnecessary snacking a person will do every day. It has been said that women should get about 25g of fiber daily, while men should consume at least 38g a day. Whole grain foods contain about three times the amount of fiber as regular white bread. Blackberries and canned pumpkin contain upwards of 3g of fiber per serving. Most cereal contains some fiber as well. The grains that contain the most fiber are raisin bran types.

As you have read today, you don’t have to sacrifice delicious food for healthy food to lower your cholesterol naturally. The meals I have described are both delicious and healthy and very necessary in your daily diet. Changing your daily diet just a little bit to incorporate these low-cholesterol foods will make you much healthier and also should allow you to see drastic changes in your cholesterol within about six weeks.

My Idea Of a Balanced Healthy Diet

The link between food and health became clear to me during the years I spent in Northern Europe, while working as an office manager in Germany. I was under stress most of the time, did not really enjoy what I was doing and was not on a healthy diet either. This condition of stress, unhappiness and unbalanced diet increased until I was diagnosed with a hypofunctioning thyroid, accompanied by eczema.

The doctors recommended me that I should take hormones for my thyroid for the rest of my life and use cortisone-based-ointments for my skin problems! However, something inside me was saying that the solution would be elsewhere; therefore I started reading about nutrition and health, took a diploma and a Masters in Naturopathic Medicine, specializing later in Ayurvedic Psychology, eventually deciding to change my profession. While studying, I practiced what I learned on myself first. Now, after having completely recovered from my diseases, I appreciate more and more what tremendous effect food and lifestyle have on our body, mind and spirit.
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The knowledge I have acquired about balanced healthy diet is not only from books and courses. It’s also from my clients and the family members who searched for my holistic recommendations and suggestions about diet, dietary supplements and herbal remedies. They did so to maintain their health, or when dealing with serious health problems like asthma, emphysema, cancer, depression, hypertension. Indeed, the most rewarding aspect for me has been to watch their improvement, while they were taking less and less drugs in agreement with their doctors!

I believe that the ideal way to go about balanced healthy diet approaches is by taking the combination of the two approaches: official medicine to tackle emergencies and make diagnoses; the holistic approach to prevent illnesses and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Illness is not always something that falls upon us as a consequence of a cruel destiny; it is very often the consequence of our wrong food habits, thoughts, deeds and lifestyle.

Nutritional healing is something that I strongly recommend: through food we can activate a pathological state and through food we can regain and improve our health. Just give it a try: if I have managed, you can manage too!

Are you wondering why I’ve decided to use the net for this nature-bound subject? Simply because I want to reach a wider community, and the wider community using the internet today speaks English. I take my mission very seriously and wish to share all I know about living a great life.

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